Energy Efficient Checklist for Renovation [Infographic]

Renovation is a great time to improve your home’s indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Whether you are making minor changes or undertaking a major renovation, there are many ways to  save  on  energy  bills,  enjoy  greater  comfort  and  make  your  home  healthier  to live  in. It is always helpful to have a checklist when you’re planning projects. So if it’s an energy efficient home renovation that you’re planning, use this checklist as a guideline for what needs to be done.


Give Your Business a New Look And Attract More Clients

Agree or not, with the coming of online stores, many general stores are facing set back. Also, times are pretty austere and many businesses are not finding as many customers they used to get. Finding new clients and customers is becoming quite an arduous job. With sales margins going down, most of the companies start curbing their marketing budget. But there are some simple and low cost methods, which can help in giving a new look to the business and attract more numbers of customers.

Working on the exteriors of the store

When a client or a customer comes to the business store for the first time, he will surely take a look at the exteriors of the building. With proper refurbishment, the exteriors of the commercial building will look attractive and draw more and more numbers of clients to the business. In a study that was conducted, it was seen that purchasing decisions decided a lot on the exteriors of the store – whether the shopping was done in a mall on streets. A store that has bright colors and designs and is maintained well can draw attention of more numbers of people. However, the store should also have professional appearance.

Mentioned below are some important things that can help in turning the store into an attractive zone, without making must investments for the same:

Keep the exteriors clean

Most of us concentrate on keeping the interiors of the store clean and proper. But have you thought as what impression is made when the exteriors are dirty. Building cleaning therefore is very important from exteriors and interiors. Clean the sides of the doors and the area in front everyday so that there is no deposition of dust and dirt in the area.

Get rid of molds and faded graffiti

There are many building facades that are made from PVC or stucco. Without proper care and maintenance, there are chances of mold and fungal depositions on the walls and other parts. Many walls have graffiti done on them, but they eventually fade away with time. If they have become ugly, call professionals and get them removed completely. There are different techniques of removing these and experienced painters know about the same.

Fix the lights, neons and the shop signs

It is important that the shop sign should be bright and clearly visible from a distance. In many stores, the shop sign might not be working properly as the neons might not be glowing etc. Make sure that the problem of lighting is fixed at the earliest so that you draw attention of customers even during evening and night.

Fix any broken parts in the store

You might have been postponing repair works for your store for quite some time now. You are saving money in that but losing out on potential customers. Check the doors and the windows for cracks and other problems. In case there is broken glass, look for proper glass repair services. Check the frames of the doors and windows too. Do not forget the walls as well.

After finishing all the repairs and refurnishing works, apply fresh coat of paint on the exteriors to make them look like new. It is recommended to handover this entire refurbishing work to professionals as they are the best people to adjudge the situation and work accordingly.

How to Repair Ceilings and Plaster Walls

Plaster when applied to walls and wood joints are initially held in place by “keys” – squishes that build themselves through the lath and act as a joint. However, with time, these “keys” disintegrate and thereby give rise to cracks. Gone unattended, these cracks can finally lead to the plaster coming off and crumbling down, thus exposing the gaps and joints in the wall. If your house is on an earthquake sensitive zone, the damages will be more and done faster.

There are several reasons for the plaster coming of the ceilings and walls. The first obvious reason is the quality of it. Poor quality plaster makes your home more vulnerable. Further, the damage is more intense if the lath comes in contact with water or is somehow damped over time. Water damage in this case is mostly seen with ceiling plastering. 

Plumbing leakages and ceiling seepage leaches off the salts and minerals off to the surface and moulds give way to disintegration. Other reasons from plasters crumbling down can be from stress (heavy wall hangings), deep holes for hooks, furniture scratches or shocks of any kind. To save the structural integrity of your home, it is necessary that these problems are dealt at the roots. Well, here are some things you can do:  

Widen smaller cracks to remove loose plastering

Whenever you see a crack in the plaster, it does more damage than to cover it with a superficial work. It is necessary that all the loose plaster around is scratched down and replaced with a stronger surfacing.

1. Widen the crack using screw drivers or other smaller tools
2. Blow out the dust and powder residue
3. Use short pieces of adhesive fiber glasses to cover the groove
4. Dampen the area using wet sponge
5. Use a putty knife to fill the gap with joint compounds
6. Apply a surface coat of joint compound
7. Use a high quality latex primer for polishing

Repairing the larger cracks

If a crack has been initiated over a longer period o time, things might seem more vulnerable. However, they can also be fixed easily.

1. Widen the crack using screw drivers or other smaller tools
2. Fill the gap/crack half with a high quality patching plaster
3. Dampen the mix
4. Apply the surface coat of joint compound
5. Use a high quality latex primer for polishing

Repairing holes

Dealing with holes in plasters is easier done, given that the lath grip is still strong. I the backing is intact, it will only take a few coats of mix compounds like Plaster of Paris to smoothen out the hole.

1. Brush away dust and loose plaster
2. Put the Plaster of Paris mixture into the lath for a strong bond
3. Let the coat dry
4. Apply a finishing coat

However, if the hole is not backed enough by the lath, you will need to widen the hole to find a good grip around the surface. You will need to use a screw driver or similar tool to do so and follow the same procedures as you would have done with minor cracks.

Repairing sagging plaster

The moment the plaster in your walls or ceiling starts to “belly out”; there is a need for concern. Plaster being heavy, needs a strong backup support, especially with ceiling.

It is best if you call in a specialist in this case for a stronger work.

8 Famous Engineering Mistakes [Infographic]

Making mistakes is human nature and engineering field is no exception. Over the years, we have seen many engineering marvels and we will surely see some amazing innovations in the coming years as well but not every idea, when implemented, turns out to be successful. Here we have a list of 8 Famous engineering mistakes. Go through the visual representation, created by ARS Ltd., and don’t forget to share.


Top 7 On Site Spraying Tips

Buildings often need through repairing so that they remain in good shape for long. On site spraying is a great way of understanding and diagnosing the cause of the damage. Once the cause is located suitable steps can be taken to combat the problem so that it does not increase further. If required a cladding panel repair specialist has to be contacted so that the whole repairing job gets done with the best professionals in business. 

Mentioned below are 7 on site spray painting tips that are recommended by experienced professionals for great building maintenance and repair:

Make a proper plan for the whole process

Starting any kind of project, whether for home or commercial use, needs some amount of planning. The same applies for spraying as well. The spray painting technicians and supervisors should fix a meeting and devise a suitable plan for the entire action. The schedule of work should be finalized and all other issues that might crop up should be discussed thoroughly. In this way, everyone knows about what is happening and what actions need to be taken further.

Make a budget along with the plan

Now that the plan for spray painting is ready, it is time to fix the budget for the project. Many people just start the work without making any budget and they see that a considerable amount is already spent in buying accessories and equipments. This hampers the main spraying work. So allot budget in each category and start working. Budgeting is important in any work and spray painting is no different.

Staying safe should be prioritized

There might be some risks associated with spray painting on large scale in residential and commercial projects. There should be a thorough risk assessment done and a safety officer should approve the same. Don’t take risks by going out of the way to get the work done. Inform the customer about the risk factor. For such works, there are definitely other means by which they can be handled. If required ask for additional safety equipments and other necessary accessories.

Make realistic deadlines and work accordingly

In order to impress your customer, don’t commit deadlines that are impossible to meet. Be realistic in your goals and meet deadlines – this will make you and your customer happy at the same time. Take all factors into consideration before you promise a deadline for project completion. Infact it is always good to keep 2-3 days in hand so that in case there are hiccups, you have time to make up. And if you can finish work before that, it is your credit!

Find a professional

If you feel that the amount of repair and maintenance work is enormous and you won’t be able to finish the same on your own within the deadline, seek professional assistance without hesitation. Contact a company that offers services in cladding repair and spray painting and hire the best professionals from there. This will not only save time, but will get the work done in a great manner.

Utilize available resources well

Having a skilled workforce is a blessing for any company. Use them well for the spray painting work. If your budget is tight, you can hire people looking for apprenticeship and training in such jobs. These people charge less money, but work well as it gives them hands on experience in the job. This is mutually beneficial for you and the apprentice.

Don’t always look for cheap options

We understand that you are short on budget, but don’t always compromise with the quality of the work. Looking for cheap repair and maintenance options will prove to be expensive on the long run as the thing will need maintenance again and again. Look for professionals who offer quality work at reasonable rates.  

Home Renovation Guide - 11 Tips for Successful Renovation [Infographic]

Are you planning to renovate your home? Well here we are sharing tips that can be followed if you want to make home renovation successful. You should always hire trustworthy contractor for the job. A reliable contractor understands your requirements and will provide you right solution. You also need to set a budget. People generally renovate their property to increase its overall value. Go through the infographic below:

10 Tips to Spray Paint like a PRO

Spray painting is required in many places where direct painting cannot be done. For instance, industrial spray painting is required for machineries and other parts to keep them in good condition.

Mentioned below are 10 tips for spray painting like a professional:

Do a pattern test first

Experiment with spray paint on a surface and see the results of the same. This will allow you to check the pattern of the spray paint. You will understand what needs to be improved or the areas that need rectification and work accordingly. You can change the technique depending upon the pattern of spraying.

Read the instructions carefully

Take some time and read the instructions on the spray paint bottle carefully. There are guidelines as how the spray paint should be used, the best distance of spraying, shaking the can before spraying, temperature of application and the time needed for the paint to dry.

Place the object at a convenient height

Place the object that needs to be painted at a convenient height. Refrain from putting it on the floor as sitting on the floor and spray painting is quite difficult. Moreover, the spray can does not get ample space and access to be used conveniently.

Don’t point the nozzle, sweep it

Never point the nozzle and spray directly on a spot. For an even coat of paint, sweep the spray paint can across the surface. Spraying can be done in a horizontal and vertical manner. Start from left to right, concentrate on the center and then again spray from right to left for best results.

Using a spray can handle helps  

Holding the spray can in bare hands might not give the best grip. For better results, it is recommended to use a spray can handle. Ample varieties are available. Choose the one that you find most suitable.

Look for a large drop cloth instead of newspapers

For spray painting, you need to place a cloth in the background so that the walls or other surfaces are not tinted. Many people tape newspapers to the wall but they often fall off. Cloth or plastic drop cloth is best option as these can be cleaned and are suitable for spray painting.

Wear proper gears for staying safe

It is very important to wear suitable accessories before you start spray painting. Wearing an appropriate respirator is mandatory. Moreover, the area where spray paint is done should be well ventilated.

Try wet coating of the painting surface

Wet coating technique is excellent for giving a uniform and smooth coating on the surface of the object. Spray a light coat of paint and before the layer is fully dry, spray another layer of paint on it for giving a smooth effect. It is best to try this technique on a small surface and see the results before getting it done on a larger and wider surface.

Rotate small objects

Try placing small objects for industrial spray painting on a piece of cardboard or ply. Rotating the cardboard or the ply will rotate the object so that you can paint the surface evenly. You don’t need to touch the object surface but still spray paint it uniformly and evenly.

Smoothness is important

Before starting spray painting on any surface, it is recommended to sand the surface so that it becomes smooth. Applying a primer also helps greatly. On some objects many layers of primer coating might be needed. By spray painting on such surfaces, a smooth and glowing texture is obtained.

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