Ideal Time To Spray Paint Your Building

Spray painting has become very popular nowadays. Using the LVLP system, which is a device, a coating of plastic, metal or color is sprayed upon the object that is to be painted. But, not every weather is ideally suited for spray painting. If it is too hot, the spray paint dries out even before reaching the surface. This results in an orange peel on the surface. The best time to spray paint is when the temperature in between 18 to 25 degrees. The weather needs to be cooperative when you are planning to spray paint the exterior. 

Let us see in details, when is the right time for on-site spray painting.

Painting and Exterior Spraying

It is always not the ideal weather to spray paint the exterior of your building. The best weather conditions are mostly in spring, autumn and summers, this is the time when there is usually no rains. There are fewer fluctuations in temperature from day to the night. This helps in even coating and application of the paint. The paint also gets time to dry and settle on the surface properly. The spraying projects also get completed quickly as the days are longer. 

Why is it not Advisable to Spray Paint During Winters

It becomes challenging to spray paint during the winters as the paint doesn't stick to the surfaces. The surfaces become frosty due to which the spray paints don't get properly cured. Due to cold weather conditions, the paint also thickens and it becomes more difficult to apply an even coating. The spray gun gets clogged. The color doesn't spread properly and is not uniform. You will probably not want one side of your wall loaded with colors, and another side to be faded. If the damp seeps into the uncured paint, it can result in stain or corrosion. 

Tips to Spray Paint Smoothly

1. Prepare the Surface

This process takes the longest and is the essential one. Most of the people get excited and tend to skip this process. Before you start giving the first coat, you need to prepare the surface. Go for sanding, washing, peeling to remove any dust or debris on the surface. Also, dry the surface before painting it. The paint should also be compatible with the surface.

2. First Coat 

Don't over-spray or under-spray. The spray nozzle should be held 25 to 30 centimetres from the surface and the paint should be slowly spread from a side to another. You can also apply a primer 24 hours prior to applying the first coat.

3. Recoating

You need to wait for 20 mins before applying the second coat. If you rush into it, you might end up seeing wrinkles.

4. Nozzle Should be Cleaned 

The nozzles become clogged after application of the first coat. So, make sure you clean them before you apply the second coat.

If you follow the steps carefully, you will surely take a pride in showing your spray painted building. No matter if it is plastic or metal spray paint, these rules are applicable to both. 

How to Repair Water Damaged Ceilings like a Pro

Water can be destructive to your property and you more than you think. Most of physical damages happen because of water, than fire, storm or any other accident or calamity. And that’s why you need to keep a close check on water, especially the one that could do any damage to the ceilings – that are more exposed to rain water and stand against gravity.

Well, in case you have already faced the loss, you still have a chance to recover from the damage if you follow the below mentioned practices for repairing water damaged ceilings.

Sealing the cracks 

One way to do it is by sealing the cracks that have already happened. You can get a solution like Good-Bye Cracks or M-Seal. These work wonder on fatal cracks that have eroded the wall to a great extent. These products can be applied as an elastic layer of support to the wall cracks. 

The solution sticks to the damaged area and helps hold it tight to reinstate it to the earlier position and save it from any further damage. These products are easy to apply and can be easily used at home.

Wall later

Well, if you think it is not a tidy solution to go with sealing, you can try wall later. It is a thick and sturdy type of wallpaper that can be laid over the entire ceiling area and make it water resistant for future. 

Applying wall later can cost you more but it is more aesthetically viable and more professionally sound technique to repair water damaged ceilings. It is painted on with the help of a roller and can give the wall plain or textured finish, as per your preferences and requirements.

Texture Guns

Though people have mixed opinions about texture guns but these are a viable option to go with to get rid of water cracks. These weapons allow you to spray the mending solution onto the damaged ceiling using aerosol spray can. 

As it is sprayed over manually, you can see uneven results over the surface because of which it may look a bit messy and ragged in some cases. But, if done with nifty hands and watchful eyes or handled by experts, it can give you equally good solution as other methods do.

Added Safety

Apart from taking these measures you can get the tampered ceiling removed and get the layering and coating done over it with cement. Once you are satisfied with the layering part you can get it painted with water resistant plastic paint. Or you can even get this paint done in combination of any of the measures mentioned above to add to the integrity and value of ceiling restoration.

These are some of the excellent ways to help you with ceiling restoration so that you get rid of the many problems like damp bulges, discoloration, splotches, moist on the wall, that come with water leakage and affect the life of your construction.

Enhance Your Living Room Decor with a Stunning Ceiling

Enhance your living room decor with a stunning ceiling. If you want to work on your interiors of your reception room, then you have to get over with just the white paint for your ceiling treatment. 

Normally you pay more attention to the decor of your four walls, and are least bothered about the ceiling, may be because it falls above the eye line. 

So this time don’t go for the boring white paint for the ceiling. 

There are many other approaches for ceiling restoration that will help create a wow worthy living room. 

A budget friendly ceiling treatment is an easy way to redecorate your living room.

False Ceiling

You can create a brand new look for your living room by incorporating a false ceiling. A false ceiling will enhance your space. 

When your ceiling is too high, then you can opt for false ceiling. 

This way you will not just reduce the height of the room but can also add elegant lights to improve the ambience of the room.  

When you use lighting behind the false ceiling, it will backlight the original ceiling and will look amazing. 

If your false ceiling is butt up against the walls, then it will look as if it's the part of the original ceiling. 

Dramatic light fittings will add to the beauty of your room.

Accent Ceiling

An accent ceiling creates a wow-worthy theme. It adds dynamism to your room. If it's a cosy room opt for warm, soothing colours to enhance the warm vibes. 

If you want to add drama to your living room, go for vibrant multi colours. 

For classic lounges, prefer single colour ceilings. If there is a fireplace in the living area, choose a palette for the accent ceiling that includes colours like reds, oranges and browns.

Make Use Of The Beams

If your living room has beams, then don't cover them with just the white paint. You can use them to create a visual impact by creatively painting them. 

You can paint your exposed beams in one colour, say white and then using the gaps between the beams to create accent ceiling in a contrasting colour. 

Two complementing shades too can be opted to create this effect.

Wood Ceiling

The beauty of a large living area get enhanced a lot with a wooden ceiling. A ceiling that's constructed from the wood adds warmth to your room. It adds drama to otherwise normal looking space. 

If your furniture is mostly wooden, then choose colours themes including browns and oranges.

Tongue & Groove Ceiling

Tongue & Groove Ceiling system enhances the decor of the living area. It is perfect to connect different zones of the living area, especially if it's an open space. 

For best impact let the grooves run parallel to the longest wall in the living room. 

To give your decor a cool look, go for painted tongue and groove ceiling. It looks great in the living area of a sea facing house. Even a boat room will look amazing with this kind of ceiling. Lighting will add more charm to the theme.

5 Benefits of Building Refurbishment

Planning to refurbish your old commercial building is a big decision. It can easily turn into an expensive investment depending on the level of refurbishment. Building renovation has two meanings, first to restore the old or dull building into prior condition by simply cleaning, painting and rebuilding.

Second is to restore the building into something lively and fresh. Both types of renovations have their own benefits. Depending on the budget, you can choose one that can be applied. 

Building refurbishment not only adds comfort and beauty but also increases the overall value of the property.

In order to get a successful property refurbishment as an output, you should hire experienced refurbishment experts. As there are numerous service providers available, it becomes hard to select the best one. 

Property owners in UK often undergo a range of refurbishment processes because of a variety of reasons.

Here are the 7 best things about building refurbishment I came across after the successful completion of refurbishment project of my property:  

Improved Space Usage 

Successful refurbishment task improves the quality of living. The space usage and quality of life can improve in certain ways depending on the improvement task. This includes improvement in air conditioning, improved heating and insulation. 

Improved Functionality

Property improvement improves practicality and functionality in your existing property. This could be through improvements such as new window glasses or repairing of existing window glasses if they have scratches on them, a new fitted kitchen or bathroom. 

Increased Value

By proper refurbishment and property improvement process, the overall resell value of a building can be increased. If it is a commercial property then you will get good value after selling the same because of its increased beauty and functionality after the refurbishment. 

Buyers do like an improved property more compared to an old, unpleasant property. 

Improved Comfort

Building Refurbishment improves the comfort level for your family. With the proper refurbishment task, you can reap the benefits of existing building for many more years.

Lower Costs

Building a new property can be costly and time consuming. You may also run into additional unexpected costs along the way. Building refurbishment is comparatively wise approach. 

If you are someone who is searching for contractors for building refurbishment work then contact ARS LTD. The experts at ARS LTD are well versed with every aspect of building refurbishment, commercial spraying and glass repairs. 

10 Ideas for a Healthy Office Refurbishment

Offices are so much more than a working desk and loads of paper. With work cultures changing, modern brands/businesses are looking to create an environment that boosts the morale of the employees to get the work done. As opposed to management tactics and strict work ethics, a good office environment has been seen to impact positively on the productivity of a workplace. 

Things like good lighting, proper ventilation, workspace layout, storage, ergonomic furnishing, the paint on the wall, etc can be of substantial impact. However, according to a recent survey, more than 90% of global employees are dissatisfied with the office space they work in. The complaints range from lack of privacy to a dull environment.

If you have been facing these complaints, it is advisable to go for an immediate office refurbishing. The characteristics of the physical environment have always had its impact on a worker’s well being, behavior and thus their productivity. Given your budget, a lot can be planned. To make your day easier, here are some ideas for a healthy office refurbishment.

1. Start by creating a list of requirement and it would be worthwhile to interact and consult with your staff in the process. Only they know what’s wrong with the current design and what alternatives could be better.

2. Keeping the buildings physical limitations in mind (including floor space) you can work with an interior designer to chalk out the best possible solution.

3. Office refurbishment is a good opportunity to highlight the personality of the brand itself. There are many ways to relate the positivity of your brand with that of the office space. Overall, your employees should feel special to be working for your brand.

4. Another important consideration is the budget. It helps to prioritize refurbishment checklist to understand what could be done and what couldn’t be touched.

5. When you hire office refurbishment services, ensure that they have the insurance to cover damages. This would also be a good time to review your own insurance policies.

6. If you are a busy office, the refurbishment needs to go step by step. It is important that the normal day is least interrupted and that work continues as usual. Weekends are a solution. Further, you can also shift around desks for some days to complete the refurbishment of the main spaces.

7. Ensure that the person responsible for overseeing the refurbishment has enough years of experience behind him/her. The professional might also help you with more suitable alternatives and budget cuts.

8. This will also be an opportunity to think about the years ahead and the growth of your business/brand. An office refurbishment process can be a way to accommodate a growing number of desks.

9. Technology will be a key to redefining office spaces and making it less clustered and boring. Wi-Fi for instance can free up spaces that were previously used by dedicated desks.

10. Bring in fun and color into the office. All work and no play will actually make your employees a dull professional. The aesthetics of a room can actually foster a lot of creativity, logical thinking and ability to work. Small things like the color on the wall, the lighting, the color of the curtains, the shape of the desks, plant pots, etc can make a difference.

When it comes to a dynamic and highly productive office space, Google has always stood as a good example. For its employees, the office space has been one of the top reasons to join the company and commit a long term service! Make the environment look and feel happy.

7 Benefits of Structural Steel Frame Construction

Structural steel isn’t just for skyscrapers. Sustainability, durability and affordability are some of the key reasons which make steel an attractive building option from start to finish. Steel is a versatile option which can be used in almost every phase of construction process. Here are some of the advantaged which make structural steel such a dependable choice.

1. Steel is lighter than wood

This may sound surprising but it is true. A steel beam weighs less than wooden beams. Lighter-weight advantage can reduce the shipping costs, labor charges and overall project budget.

2. You can build faster with steel

In this high-tech era, clients want their projects to come in under budget and ahead of schedule. With the addition of steel in construction projects, total construction time can be dramatically reduced. Steel parts are pre-engineered in specific designs in manufacturing plants and this makes the whole process faster.

3. Steel is Durable and can be recycled 

No need to worry about landfill tax for non-recyclable items because if you are adding steel in your construction project, it can be recycled. Steel requires less maintenance so it is an economical choice. Steel structures can withstand heavy winds, fire and heavy snow loads.

4. Steel is incredibly versatile 

Structural steel can be molded into any shape that’s why it is the most preferred option for residential construction market.

5. Steel and wood hybridization 

Steel is no doubt one of the most reliable options for construction but still homeowners don’t want to move away from wood completely. This is the part where hybridization comes into play. Construction companies offer hybrid steel/wood building which is durable, cost effective and sustainable.

6. Steel is environment friendly 

According to data from Steel Recycling Institute, 80 million tons of steel are recycled each year.

7. Steel buildings are energy efficient 

This is another reason why steel is such an attractive option. When combined with other design enhancements, steel buildings are incredibly energy efficient.

If you are looking for Construction Company which can complete your architectural steelwork projects ahead of schedule, feel free to contact us.

Spray Painting Tips from the Pros

Spray paint is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of colour to your project. It’s available in perhaps any colour you want and can be purchased online or in store. 

Using spray paint seems like an easy process but you should consider few things if you want better results. Here are some tips and tricks you can follow:

1. Read the instructions carefully

Instructions are important. You should take a minute to read them. Do you know how long to shake the can before spraying? Or how far to hold the spray can from the object? Don’t forget to read the instructions.

2. Sweep, don’t point

A spray can isn’t a camera so don’t point and shoot. Sweep the can horizontally and vertically past the object as you spray to get an even coat of paint. You can also get in touch with On site spray painting experts for better results.

3. Use a large dropcloth

You should use large plastic or cloth dropcloth instead of taping together newspapers that might fall apart as you paint.

4. Use a handle

You should use an aftermarket spray can handle for better results.

5. Do a pattern test

You should spray a test shot onto a piece of plywood to see the spray pattern. Depending on the spray pattern you can change your technique.

6. Stay Safe

Ensure the work area has proper ventilation.

7. Prepare the surface 

Most materials must be cleaned, sanded and dried before spray painting application for better results. You should apply a primer for a smoother surface.

8. Allow the project to dry

Different finishes require specific drying times. Wait for the recommended time before moving the object.

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