Spray Painting Tips from the Pros

Spray paint is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of colour to your project. It’s available in perhaps any colour you want and can be purchased online or in store. 

Using spray paint seems like an easy process but you should consider few things if you want better results. Here are some tips and tricks you can follow:

1. Read the instructions carefully

Instructions are important. You should take a minute to read them. Do you know how long to shake the can before spraying? Or how far to hold the spray can from the object? Don’t forget to read the instructions.

2. Sweep, don’t point

A spray can isn’t a camera so don’t point and shoot. Sweep the can horizontally and vertically past the object as you spray to get an even coat of paint. You can also get in touch with On site spray painting experts for better results.

3. Use a large dropcloth

You should use large plastic or cloth dropcloth instead of taping together newspapers that might fall apart as you paint.

4. Use a handle

You should use an aftermarket spray can handle for better results.

5. Do a pattern test

You should spray a test shot onto a piece of plywood to see the spray pattern. Depending on the spray pattern you can change your technique.

6. Stay Safe

Ensure the work area has proper ventilation.

7. Prepare the surface 

Most materials must be cleaned, sanded and dried before spray painting application for better results. You should apply a primer for a smoother surface.

8. Allow the project to dry

Different finishes require specific drying times. Wait for the recommended time before moving the object.

10 Essential Winter Maintenance Tips for Commercial Buildings

Winters are approaching and you all must be thinking how to keep your commercial buildings warm and safe from the rough weather outside. Strong chilling winds, snowfall, and heavy rains can take a serious toll on your office building and its architecture. If you take proper care, then this damage to the buildings can be prevented to a great extent. 

Let us go through this article to know those 10 excellent tips that can help you keep the commercial buildings safe and secure. Let’s get started.

1. Check the heating systems

In cold weather season, maintaining the heating systems should be top most priority for you. Therefore we suggest that you should look for the working of the heating systems such as the boilers, etc. Furnaces and rooftops should also be checked from time to time. This forms a part of the building refurbishment.

2. Look for the cooling systems

The cooling systems such as the refrigerators and air conditioners should be checked as the winter sets in. These appliances will not be used in the winter season and therefore you should unplug these devices and clean them up.

3. Calibrate the thermostats

Calibrating the thermostats will allow the devices to function efficiently. Following this practice can also help you lower the value of the utility bills to a great extent. Just do this and enjoy the winters. Calibrating is an important procedure in building refurbishment.

4. Replace the air filters

Start of the winters indicates that it is the time to replace the air filters. Also, it will be good for the energy consumption as the dirty air filters will consume more energy.

5. Check the doors and windows

Crevices in the doors and the windows can be a reason for the warm air going out of the rooms and the cold air creeping in. If you want to avoid this then check for the leaks in the doors and the windows.

6. Clean the gutters

You should see that the building refurbishment teams looks towards the cleaning of the gutters. In winters water can freeze and cause clogging of the gutters in the buildings.

7. Entrance mats should be of good quality

Feet carry most of the dust in the buildings. You should ensure that you use good quality entrance mats so that 80 percent of the dust is trapped in the entrance mats.

8. Inspect the drains and the irrigation systems

These water systems are more prone to the blockage in the winters. You should make sure that they are cleaned regularly.

9. Repair any cracks in the sidewalks

The holes in the sidewalks can deepen into sever potholes if not repaired on time by the building refurbishment team. Also, ensure that you use premium quality construction material.

10. Be prepared for the power outages

Winters are harsh and can lead to extended power failures. You should always maintain a power backup in case of any emergency or else power loss can lead to work loss too.

Common Reasons for Blocked Drain and How to Avoid Them

We all experience blocked drains in our homes. Nothing can be as inconvenient as that of blocked drains and the inability to use the plumbing system of your homes in a perfect manner. Properly running water is all what we need to sustain the plumbing system of the house. 

Wouldn’t you imagine that the water starts flowing smoothly as soon as you turn on the tap. Pipe onsite repairs can be quite troublesome and therefore it is always advised to keep the taps and drains in a good condition so that you do not need to call the plumbers in any emergency.

We’ll tell you some common reasons that can cause blocked drains and you should try to keep the drains clean so that you won’t have to spend much on the cladding repairs. Let’s get started.

1. Growth of vegetation

Drains and pipes are more susceptible to vegetation growth due to the growth of various kinds of microorganisms. You might not realize but this unwanted vegetative growth in the pipes and drains can cause huge damage to the pipes and it could be quite expensive for you to maintain and undertake repairs. Once built and installed, we do not pay much attention to the pipes and this growth and its residues keeps on accumulating. 

Even the roots of the trees and the plants can creep into the drains and cause breakage or leakage. The drains can also bend and get blocked worsening the situation all the more. The damage caused by the vegetation growth can be undone by expensive methods such as the se of machinery for digging, and rebuilding.

2. Blocking by the foreign objects

If you observe that the sink or the tub in your home was working fine a few days back and has suddenly stopped working, then there might be chances of a foreign object blocking the drain. The object can get stuck in the drain due to various reasons, common one being that there is no filter over the mouth of the drain in the sink or the tub. 

It might happen that the stuck object does not block the pipe at once, but with time it will boost the accumulation of dirt and other foreign particles and hence increasing the blockage.

3. Grease

Grease and oils are the major causes of clogging in the drains connecting the kitchen sinks. The oils can flow down the drain and then solidify over time. As the oils solidify, they attract more of waste around them and form hard clogs which are very difficult to remove.

4. Hair

Hair is the main cause of blockage in the bathroom drain. The hair strands form a kind of mesh which traps other articles and debris, thus forming a bigger blockage in the drain.

5. Non-flushables

Many times we unknowingly throw cotton and plastic in the drain. These materials tend to form clogs over a period of time and block the drains.

Important factors on building repair

Buildings are being constructed at exponential rates globally both for residential as well as commercial and industrial purposes. However, just constructing the buildings is not enough. It is important that these are maintained well and building repairs are done from time to time so that the beauty of the structure remains the same even after long period of time. Apart from such buildings, there are many structures which are in dilapidated state and need immediate repair and maintenance. Not repairing these on time might lead to accidents, which is not desirable.

Repairing of curtain walls and rainscreen panel
The rainscreen panel and the curtain walls in a building will need regular maintenance and repair from time to time. This is important so that these remain in the perfect condition. Since curtain walls are made of glass completely, they need to be kept clean from interiors and exteriors. Apart from this, curtain wall repairs are needed when there are cracks on the surface of the glass. Instances have also been seen where the curtain glass has broken and fallen. This need to be replaced immediately and such repair works are done on emergency basis.
Like curtain walls, rainscreen panels also develop damages over a period of time. And for this proper rainscreen panel repair is needed. Without the repair, the walls of the structure might get damaged due to rain water. Sometimes, the panels might be needed to be changed if they have broken or are beyond repair. Since these repair works are quite intricate ones and need expertise, it is always recommended to get a professional to work for these repair works. There are many professional contractors who take up such works and get them done for residential and commercial buildings.

Coloring and painting surfaces
Paints and colors from surfaces of buildings and structures tend to get discolored and chapped. There are many metallic surfaces which are painted, but with passage of time, the paint comes off due to many factors. With technological and scientific advancements, paint spraying is the new technique applied for surface painting. With this kind of painting, the paint gets applied smoothly on the surface and wastage is also minimized. The finishing is also perfect with this kind of painting. Sometimes building respray is also needed in places where the damage is much more. With respraying, the painted surface becomes more protected and looks good.

Choosing the right contractor for building refurbishment, repair and painting work
Whether you are looking for contractors for residential or commercial repairs and maintenance in Essex, you will find abundant resources in the city. Among all, ARS Limited needs special mention. Whatever is the kind of building refurbishment or repair work you are looking, the company offers services of all kinds. Right from cladding repair spraying to pvf2, from paint spraying to repairs in curtain walls, from stain removal to anodized repairs – the company handles everything.

There are professionals working in the company, who are experts in the works that they do. Along with providing high quality contracting services to customers and clients, the company ensures guarantee for the work done. The team also keeps health and safety in mind while working. Most importantly, the services are provided at extremely affordable rates. Call the company or email them to request a quote for the works that need to be done. 

Tips & Tricks for Successful Building Refurbishments

Carrying out refurbishment or restoration works in a building is an arduous task. The problem is more when there are budget constraints for the work. In most places, people outsource this work to an agency, which excels in refurbishment and restoration works. Usually the agencies have professionals working in the team and they have thorough knowledge on the tips and tricks of the work so that the best results are obtained from the same. It is quite interesting to see that the refurbishment work starts from very basic things and when these are changed, the whole building takes a new look and appearance altogether.

Building glass repair – important part of building refurbishment

You might have noticed that some glasses in the building are broken. There might be many reasons for glass breakage. And these broken glasses hamper the look and appearance of the building drastically. Therefore the first job that needs to be done for the refurbishment is repairing the glass. It is best when the whole glass is replaced with a new one. Understand the kind of glass that is used in the building and replace with same quality item so that it does not look different. If you cannot understand the glass variety contact the contractor who installed the glasses in the building in the first place – he can help you in this. 

Cleaning of the glasses

Just repairing broken glasses is not enough for building refurbishment. It is also important that all the glasses in the building are cleaned thoroughly. Glass spraying is one of the most effective ways of cleaning glasses and making them shine. Clean glasses definitely enhance the beauty of any building manifold times. 

Removing scratches from glasses

Scratched glasses provide a very bad impact on outsiders. Therefore make sure that scratch removal from glasses is an integral part of building refurbishment. Professionals have advanced glass scratch removal system with which smallest of the scratches and spots are removed from the glass surfaces. In many building scratch free glasses are also installed, but they are quite expensive.

Wall repairs – giving the building a new look

Damaged and discolored walls are definitely repulsive. When you are refurbishing your building, make sure that you check the walls of the building and get them repaired if needed. Curtain walls are highly susceptible to damage and hence curtain wall repair is the most common need in any building. Since these walls are concealed with curtains, it is difficult to notice the damage from outside always. but while restoration work, every corner of the building should be checked so that no part remains untouched and uncovered.

Contacting a professional company for the building refurbishment work 

As mentioned above, professionals handle the job of building refurbishment with immaculate precision. There are many such companies and you must choose the right one for your needs. Talk to different companies and understand their reactions and take their quotations. After your research and survey is over, shortlist the companies that you find good for the job and which fit in within your permissible budget. Talk with the designers and professionals and finalize the deal with the company you find most suitable. Do some homework on building refurbishment on your own so that you can understand the works that are being done and check the works properly.

Things to Focus on When Searching for Glass Repair Services

Glass doors and windows look awesome in a house which is well-designed. Installing glass furnishings not only enhances the beauty of the structure, it also lets in light into the room even without opening the window. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing different kinds of glasses for your home for enhancing its elegance and beauty. In fact installing glass doors and windows imparts a sense of spaciousness in the house without doing much. Also, there are many advantages of such windows apart from increasing beauty of the house.

The only problem with glass doors and windows is that glass is a delicate material and prone to breakage. You might see that after some natural calamities like heavy wind and storm, the glass in the doors and windows might break or develop cracks. Having broken glass in doors and windows can be highly risky. Therefore it is recommended to contact a company offering glass repair services at the earliest so that professionals come to the house and repair the glasses in shortest span of time so that accidents can be averted from broken glass.

Mentioned below are some important tips for finding the best company offering services for glass repair: 

License and certification is important

Whether it is services for glass repair or any other kinds of services; ensure that you check the license and certification of the agency or the company. The company should be licensed and affiliated to the licensing body of the country or the state. This is evidence of authenticity of the company. The company should be listed with the licensing authority. Check online database to look for the licensing.

See if they have online presence

Smallest of the businesses now have online presence as they understand the importance of the same. Along with being present online, they should be enlisted in online directories so that when people search with relevant terms, the results are directed towards the company. Look for companies that have their own website mentioning the services that they offer with all details. This increases the trust factor in the customers.

Trained and experienced professionals

The workforce that a glass repair company has is very important. Repairing glass is not an easy job and requires skill and expertise. Therefore the company offering services of glass repair should have highly trained and experienced professionals. The workers should be certified and licensed in the work that they do. They should also be proficient in using the right kinds of tools and equipment for repairing glass. 

Check customer testimonials and reviews

Before hiring the services of a glass repair company, make sure that you check customer reviews and testimonials thoroughly. You can ask people personally about the company’s services. You can also look in the various online forums regarding the quality of the services that the company offers. Refrain from sites that provide only positive reviews. Look for places where authentic reviews are published.

Affordability is a major factor

There are many glass repairing companies, which demand heavy charges for their services. It might not always be possible for everyone to avail such services. Look for companies which offer quality services within affordable rates. A reliable company will give a quote for the work first. Only if you agree to the terms, they will start working on the project.

Benefits of Industrial Spray Painting

Industrial spray painting might be needed frequently in heavy duty industries. Professional craftsmen are employed for the job so that they can apply paint coatings on various kinds of surfaces within the shortest span of time and at the most affordable rates. The most important thing is that in these kinds of painting jobs, there can be no compromise with the quality issue in any way.

Mentioned below are the benefits that can be obtained from industrial spray painting

Helps in providing controlled atomization

Among the different kinds of industrial spray systems, airless spraying is the most popular option that is chosen nowadays. The operation of this spray system takes place by means of high-pressure build up. With soft spray, the paint is forced out from the nozzle of the paint can. High quality paint finishing is ensured with this kind of system on all kinds of surfaces. A bigger nozzle has to be used when thicker paint needs to be applied on any surface. Also the expulsion pressure needs to be high so that the paint particles form fine mist and cover the surface that needs to be painted. The size and shape of the nozzle helps in determining the quality and result of spray painting. For commercial painting flat stream, hollow cone and full cone nozzles are used so that the right paint consistency and precision patterns are attained. 

High speed with great efficiency

When large surface areas need to be spray painted like workshop flooring, silos or large machines and equipment, industrial spray painting is the preferred choice for sure. The reason is that large areas can be sprayed easily and uniformly with industrial spray systems. It might take just 2-3 hours for the whole painting work to get completed. If the same work is done via conventional spraying systems, it might take few days to few weeks. 

Versatile modes of paint applications

Industrial spray painting has the ability of working with various kinds of different kinds of liquid materials like stains, paints and primers. As a result, this kind of spray painting offers great degree of control on the painting work and offers uniform coverage on various kinds of surfaces like metals, wood, fiberglass and plastic.

Offers high transfer application

With industrial spray painting it is possible to produce superior finishing on surfaces at highly reduced costs. This helps in maximum utilization of the materials that are used in liquid painting.  

Provides uniform appearance of the painted surface

Equipment that are used for industrial spray painting have reduced compression. As a result, the quality of the paint finishing that is obtained is of high quality. And this quality is achieved with single application of the paint only. There is no need of re-sprays or regular touch-ups on the end product. This not only saves time but also lots of efforts on the part of the worker.

Reduces waste considerably 

When conventional spray painting techniques are used, the amount of paint wastage is quite high. Excessive spraying leads to wastage of paint. With industrial spray painting systems, overspray and paint material wastage is reduced considerably. Since soft spray technique is used in this kind of painting, wastage is minimized considerably. Along with reduced maintenance, this spray system also provides clean spray environments.

After knowing so many benefits of industrial spray painting, there is no reason why this painting method should not be chosen over other painting methods. 

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