Simple Tips to Protect Your Home This Winter

Some of us are just obsessed with the winter season. How much we love those dried look of the trees, the warm coziness of our blankets, those chilled nose tips and of course bold and vibrant colors of the season. Well as soon as fall sets in, we start making preparations in doing our best to keep ourselves warm. In our homes too we check whether the heaters and geysers are all working properly. So basically the advent of the winter calls for a lot of added preparations on our part.

After we have made all personal arrangements in keeping ourselves protected and fighting the cold wintery winds, it is time we shift our attention to our homes. Let us take a look at some of the important tips to guide you in taking proper care of your home in the winter season:

1.    Checking your heating system: call a technician to check or inspect your heating system or pump to detect problems if any in the system. You can also get aware of any carbon monoxide leakage in your system. However, you need to make these arrangements as quickly as possible to prevent seeing yourself as the last person of the long queue. A technician who is a certified professional must be preferred.

2.    Reverse your fan’s blades: if there is reverse switch in your ceiling fan then you can make use of it to turn it clockwise after having turned on your heat. An updraft and downward force will be created into the heated air from the ceiling. This is a great way to save energy.

3.    Get rid of ice dams: act against ice dams formed in your house at your earliest. These can cause the melt water to flow back to your house. With the help of a weatherization contractor you can fix those leaks in your attic that support those ice dams.

4.    Take a look at the gutters: if your gutters are full of detritus water then they can damage your roofing and wooden trims and a lot more places. You also must look for fascia boards and damaged gutters and repair them.

5.    Keep the water away: downspouts need to be added with extensions so that the water runs a few good feet away from your foundation.

6.    Check out your sump pump: pour water slowly into your sump pit to check whether the pump turns on or not. This needs to be done in regular intervals and more so after a dry season or before the rainy season.

7.    Run a chimney sweep:  before you put the Yule log in fire, ensure that your fireplace or your chimney and vents are in the best condition. This will not just help prevent chimney fire but will also put an end to carbon monoxide entering your home.

8.    Disconnect the exterior faucets: in the winter season, un-drained water in the pipes can become frozen and as the ice expands, the pipes will burst. You can begin by disconnecting the garden hoses and draining out the remaining water from the faucets.

9.    Check out your irrigation system: by draining the sprinkler pipes and spigots you can prevent your lawn irrigation system from leaking and freezing.

10.    Caulk around your doors and windows: the gaps that exist between your sliding doors and window frames need to be caulked with preferably silicone caulk. This is the best for exterior use since it does not shrink

Therefore, follow these simple tips and get ready to welcome the winter season with open arms and doors!
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