10 Tips to Spray Paint like a PRO

Spray painting is required in many places where direct painting cannot be done. For instance, industrial spray painting is required for machineries and other parts to keep them in good condition.

Mentioned below are 10 tips for spray painting like a professional:

Do a pattern test first

Experiment with spray paint on a surface and see the results of the same. This will allow you to check the pattern of the spray paint. You will understand what needs to be improved or the areas that need rectification and work accordingly. You can change the technique depending upon the pattern of spraying.

Read the instructions carefully

Take some time and read the instructions on the spray paint bottle carefully. There are guidelines as how the spray paint should be used, the best distance of spraying, shaking the can before spraying, temperature of application and the time needed for the paint to dry.

Place the object at a convenient height

Place the object that needs to be painted at a convenient height. Refrain from putting it on the floor as sitting on the floor and spray painting is quite difficult. Moreover, the spray can does not get ample space and access to be used conveniently.

Don’t point the nozzle, sweep it

Never point the nozzle and spray directly on a spot. For an even coat of paint, sweep the spray paint can across the surface. Spraying can be done in a horizontal and vertical manner. Start from left to right, concentrate on the center and then again spray from right to left for best results.

Using a spray can handle helps  

Holding the spray can in bare hands might not give the best grip. For better results, it is recommended to use a spray can handle. Ample varieties are available. Choose the one that you find most suitable.

Look for a large drop cloth instead of newspapers

For spray painting, you need to place a cloth in the background so that the walls or other surfaces are not tinted. Many people tape newspapers to the wall but they often fall off. Cloth or plastic drop cloth is best option as these can be cleaned and are suitable for spray painting.

Wear proper gears for staying safe

It is very important to wear suitable accessories before you start spray painting. Wearing an appropriate respirator is mandatory. Moreover, the area where spray paint is done should be well ventilated.

Try wet coating of the painting surface

Wet coating technique is excellent for giving a uniform and smooth coating on the surface of the object. Spray a light coat of paint and before the layer is fully dry, spray another layer of paint on it for giving a smooth effect. It is best to try this technique on a small surface and see the results before getting it done on a larger and wider surface.

Rotate small objects

Try placing small objects for industrial spray painting on a piece of cardboard or ply. Rotating the cardboard or the ply will rotate the object so that you can paint the surface evenly. You don’t need to touch the object surface but still spray paint it uniformly and evenly.

Smoothness is important

Before starting spray painting on any surface, it is recommended to sand the surface so that it becomes smooth. Applying a primer also helps greatly. On some objects many layers of primer coating might be needed. By spray painting on such surfaces, a smooth and glowing texture is obtained.

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