At ARS our professional On-site specialist services include Spray Repairs, Glass Damage Repairs, SMART Repairs, Fire Retardant Coatings, Restorative Cleans and Builders Cleans plus other specialist services to meet our client’s needs. Remaining flexible has been a major factor throughout our growth, allowing us to initiate works at extremely short notice, from a small 1 day contract through to more extensive projects continuing through a year and beyond. With vast experience and dedication to getting the project finished on time - first time - every time in the services we offer, we are confident that once tried, ARS UK LTD will be added to your approved contractors list for future projects. Below is a list of some of the Onsite spraying services we offer.

At ARS we offer a specialist service introduced by ARS Ltd is the repair to Stainless Steel facade elements. Scratch damage to brushed and polished stainless steel can be repaired effectively and efficiently. We can also remove dents without the need to dismantle or access to the rear of the element. This saves expensive replacements and perhaps more importantly time when practical completions are looming, time.

We carry out damaged glass repairs to the construction and retail sectors. Ranging from light scuffs and scratches, chips, concrete damage, grinding damage, weld splatter etc. We are constantly evolving our glass repair techniques to ensure that our processes are the fastest available, resulting in the most cost effective way to repair damaged glass.

A major client encountered a situation, whereby a main steelwork fabrication, which had been erected and was in-situ on a finished project, was showing signs of corrosion at three hundred spigot/box section interfaces. These areas could not be accessed; therefore no conventional cleaning/shot blasting and painting could be carried out. ARS UK Ltd’s technical services realised that for corrosion to form an Anode-Cathode-Electrolyte triangle must be present, forming a ‘triangle of corrosion’. To prevent the corrosion one of the legs of the triangle must be removed. An innovative and elegant solution was devised for introducing a sacrificial anodic coating to all of the affected areas, thus removing the electrolyte and offering an Active as well as Passive protection, which even if slightly damaged is still effective.

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