Home Maintenance 101

Just like regular oil changes keep up your car on the road, regular home maintenance keeps it in good condition. If you think it’s going to be a tedious task, you are probably mistaken. It won’t take your extra time and if it gets done regularly, it will save you wasting your hard earned money. However, it’s a long list of various tasks, but you schedule them accordingly. Since it’s a long list, we’ll feature all the checklist points in 4 posts so that you can also get time to check all the points yourself and if you get stuck, get help of local handyman. We have covered “Heating and Cooling” in this post. Have a look at the below checklist.

1. Check and clear primary & secondary condensate lines and pans

2. Inspect evaporator coil if accessible

3. Inspect condenser coil

4. Check system operating pressures (Freon levels)

5. Test temperature rise and drop of furnace, A/C and heat pump

6. Check belts and pulleys; adjust if necessary

7. Lubricate motors if oil ports are accessible

8. Inspect filter; replace if customer has a replacement filter

9. General inspection of wiring in the furnace and the A/C units

10. Check amp draw of evaporator motor

11. Check amp draw of condenser motor

12. Check amp draw of compressor

13. Inspect furnace chambers and burners

14. Check controls and safeties on furnace

15. Visual inspection of expose flue pipe

16. Check thermostat operation

17. Check crankcase heater operation for heat pumps

We hope this checklist covers all the necessary points related to Heating and Cooling. If we have missed out any point, do leave us a comment and we’ll add it up in the list. The second part of Home Maintenance 101 series will be featured in a few days meanwhile visit www.arsltd.co.uk for more information.

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