Home Maintenance 101 (II)

What could be the worst case when you are running late and the moment you rush to bathroom to get a shower and you find a leak in the faucet? Well, this freaky situation might have been avoided if regular checks would have been done. After Heating & Cooling checklist, we have come up with Plumbing checklist that you might want to follow as to avoid the horrific situation we just mentioned above. Let’s get started with Home Maintenance 101 (II).

18. Inspect faucets for leaks

19. Flush 1 gallon water from the water heater if the valve is in working order

20. Check water pressure in home 21. Inspect accessible, exposed drain lines for signs of leaks

22. Inspect accessible water lines for signs of leaks

23. Check to see if sump pump is working

24. Test water heater operation

25. Check for slow drains in bathtubs and sinks

26. Check operation of water heater elements (electric)

27. Check amp draw of water heater elements (electric)

28. Check operation of water heater gas burner (gas)

29. Check thermocouple on water heater (gas)

30. Check gas valve on water heater (gas)

31. Check flue pipe for deterioration on water heater (gas)

32. Inspect shower tiles for obvious cracking or separation

If we have missed out any point, do leave us a comment and we’ll add it up in the list. Stay tuned until we come up with Home Maintenance 101 (III), meanwhile do enjoy reading other posts.
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