Types of Stains and how to Remove Them

The most disgusting thing that a person hates in their day to day life is occurrence of stain. Stains are the marks or discolour with something that becomes very hard to remove.

In your daily life at any point of time due to diverting mind somehow due to something your clothes get a very disgraceful mark that if not treated can cause damage and also look awful.  

Stain is popularly known as the most hated enemy of a homemaker as it becomes very difficult to make them vanish from your cloth and make them look lively again. And for that reason we have some common stains that you encounter in your daily life and tip to make them go in just a wash. So relax and take a deep breath because we are going to make your worries reduced to half.  


This is the most common stain that you will encounter in a daily basis. If the stain is fresh and early, quickly without spending a second blot or wash it into a drain. Into it, add some from tea tree oil and glycerine than scrub it let it sit for 20 minutes. After that scrub it again and wash the cloth and if the stain did not fade increase the amount of oil and glycerine. 


Moving those potted plants can be quite risky as it leaves behind stain from trapped water. Scrub the stain using water and dish soap. Apart from this sprinkle some dry detergent over the wet area and leave it for 10 minutes then scrub it using hot water. 


It is not only unattractive but also causes respiratory problems and is very slippery. To remove such stains you will need Mildewcide, developed by the U.S, department of Agriculture’s forest products laboratory and is easy to use. Add 1 quarter of chlorine bleach into 3 quarters of water and 1/3 cup of powdered laundry detergent and apply over the stain with a brush and then wash it off. 


This thing if not is being controlled can spread rapidly. For this you can use white vinegar on it and wipe it using scrub. 


Even a simple chalk stain is also very difficult to remove. Use a brush and water to remove as much chalk you can remove using this and apply soft scrub in circular motion.  


This is another common thing that happens to most of us, just like wine it is also a tannic substance. So for removing it mix 1:4 of glycerine in water and apply it on the stain using a sponge and scrub out the stain. 


The crayons which are washable can be removed using soap and water but not the non washable one. To remove them use oil based cleaner or lubricant and a tooth brush or even a scrub to move out the marks. 


To remove this, mix unsweetened kool-Aid lemonade into hot water then scrub and wash it off. If not use distilled white vinegar over the stain then scrub it off after few hours. 


To remove this make a paste of powdered laundry detergent and water and cover the stain with ¼ inch of paste and cover it using a plastic wrap. Scrub and rinse after a break of 24 hours.  

The stains and the tips will help you make your home and also your surrounding clean and healthy.
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