What is Cladding?

Cladding is an exterior finishing system meant to protect the underlying structure (like a home) and provide an aesthetically appealing finish.
It is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer intended to control the infiltration of weather elements. Usually this term has different meaning depending on the materials used and the accepted standard in each industry.
There are many different types of wall cladding; external wall cladding, building cladding, exterior walls materials etc.

Cladding, often referred to as panelling is more commonly applied to the exterior walls of a building but it can also be installed inside a home especially in wet areas like a bathroom or kitchen.
Cladding can provide additional weatherproofing and ventilation. External cladding will provide an added or extra layer of protection from the weather and fluctuating temperatures which can otherwise cause warping and deterioration. And even dampness.

The types of Cladding:

Weatherboard Cladding:

Weatherboards are usually made from reconstituted hardwood or timber that can be painted or stained however you would like them to be. They can be fixed to all kinds of underlying material such a brick.
The slight downside is that weatherboard requires ongoing maintenance to stay in a good condition.

Brick Cladding:

Bricks are easy to work with. They are a good insulator while being lightweight. You can create various looks with different coloured bricks in a cladding system.

Stone Cladding:

Stone cladding is comprised of thin layers of natural or simulated stone on the exterior of buildings or homes. Stone cladding can make a building look more natural and earthy.

Metal Cladding:

Metal cladding is long lasting, durable, lightweight and strong.

Now you know the different types of cladding, be sure to call on us if you need your cladding repaired.

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