What you need to know about Wall Cladding?

Wall Cladding covers a wide range of processes relating to adding protecting layering to building exteriors to prevent damage from weather and other elements. The process mostly requires a non-structural material that helps safeguard building frontages while adding beauty to the architecture. As such, wall cladding materials encompass a variety of building materials that have been processed to tolerate extreme external conditions (temperature, moisture, wind, etc) and protect the main surface from damage. While wall cladding is mostly related to external surfaces, in some cases, it is also used for internal strength and beautification.

Wall cladding brings about a stain resistant, even/smooth, and clean and gap free surfaces.

Need for wall cladding repair

Your home and office is one of your main defenses against natural elements, heat loss, moisture penetration and even disease control. As such, even a small leak can bring about dangerous health problems for anyone in the home. Even repairs can be costly when it relates to plumbing defects and wiring issues. Wall cladding is a proactive solution advised by all experienced builders and decorators. With time, any type of wall can be exposed to several harmful elements and in most cases; it would leave behind damages that affect the very reason for building a home/office. Wall cladding makes the exterior surface extremely durable and keeping the household clean and easy to maintain.

People go for several types of wall cladding repairs depending on their needs and budgets. The most common options are plastic wall cladding, metal wall cladding, varnish wall cladding and even wood wall cladding. However, composite materials are more popular among home owners. Cladding ensures that you would never have to rebuild/repair the original building blocks of your premises. Depending on the material used and the external environment, cladding repairs are quite a rare requisite. However, in case you need to repair cladding, it is also a cheaper and safer alternative.

Being a non-structural process, wall cladding never impacts the building’s integrity of stability. Mostly, it is a permanent process that facilitates waterproofing and insulation. Also called “facing”, many people also use wall cladding primarily for beautification of the outdoors and giving a unique look to the surface. Further, cladding is fairly easy to install but howsoever should be done by an expert. A proper cladding takes into account all gaps, corners and leaves no surface exposed to the outer environment.

Some maintenance tips

While wall cladding with themselves help keep the weather away, there are also open to damage, oxidation, deterioration, discoloration and fading. The damages often start with the aesthetics and if left unnoticed and unrepaired will go on to affect the wall itself. Cladding repair range from the extent of applying another extra layer/coat or stripping off the original cladding and installing a new one. Depending on how carefully and tactfully the cladding had been installed it takes time for the first surface blemished to appear. The later you take care of it, the more expensive it will become.

With the climate becoming more turbulent every year, it is highly recommended that people go for wall cladding their homes, offices and commercial premises. A building is made for a lifetime and only a little more expense can maintain you as you would have desired. Check out the several alternatives and opt for one if you haven’t already.

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