Is the Glass of Your Window Broken or Cracked. Time to Take Action. We Can Help!

Glasses of windows are prone to breakage due to lots of factors. It has been seen that high wind speeds cause glasses to get loose and they might break. Hailstorms and torrential rainfall also lead to glass breakage. Apart from natural forces, there are man-made causes too for window glass breakage. A thrown ball can come and hit the window, shattering the glass completely. This is quite common in homes where there are kids or if the house is near the playground. Window glasses come in different varieties – while some are pretty expensive, some are quite cheap. Based in Essex, ARS UK Ltd has solutions to all kinds of glass breakage and repair problems.

Ways in which glass repairing are done at ARS

One of the most common problems that are faced in glass windows is that they develop scratches very soon. Removing the scratches is not as easy and simple as it seems. ARS arranges for these repairs in a very scientific manner. The best part of the repair work is that they do not need to remove the glass from the main stock. The company has a unique way of dealing with glass scratches. Various kinds of non-abrasive pads and compounds are used for repairing the scratches. It is quite interesting to note that the equipment with which ARS removes the scratch has the capacity of repairing scratches that are almost 0.004" deep.

The pads and special compounds used by the company are excellent – repairing the scratches without distortion of any kind to the glass. In the scratch removal process chemical, mechanical and polishing action takes place at the same time. Along with that there is application of heat and water at various levels, which lead to movement of the glass molecules filling the scratch area. There is no need to remove the glass stock as that is the main reason behind glass the distortion.
Reason for choosing ARS over other glass repair companies

There are many reasons why ARS towers over other glass repair companies. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

•    Whether the job is in-house or on the client site, the company makes sure that there is no compromise with the quality of work. Quality assurance is the trademark of ARS.

•    The company ensures that all the employees working are safe and secured. Workers might need to work on high rises where there are chances of accidents. Complete security is ensured for them.

•    Completing the work within the stipulated time frame is the specialty of ARS. All kinds of works given to the company are finished by given deadline for sure.

•    The company aims at finding innovative solutions to various kinds of problems.

Experience of ARS in this industry

ARS UK Ltd. started the venture in 1992 as a family run business. Over 22 years, the company has developed greatly and also expanded their areas of services to cleaning and restoration works, fire resistant coatings, glass repairs etc. Initially they offered services in Ireland and UK only, but later spread their operations to Middle East and Europe.
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