How To Take Care Of Your Window Glasses

When it comes to cleaning window, it seems the easiest work you can ever do but things are not as easy as they seem. Keeping windows clean make your rooms more beautiful and adorable and you will always want your windows to be clean for years to come. ARS brings you ways to getting the windows looking so clean. Sometimes people become harsh on windows while cleaning them and that may be bad for your windows. Keeping this in mind, we have included Do’s and Don’ts in this article to let you know how you can safely give your window a new life.


The first step involves cleaning with plain water or you can use a mild cleaner as well and a soft.

All the window glasses are not meant with the same materials, so before applying any other solution, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Use pain water with new windows, but with stained windows, lubrication will be required. You can use Silicon Spray.


Using sharp object while cleaning may harm your window.

Mildly harsh cleaners can scratch the surface of the glass or window frame so avoid the use of any harsh cleaning agent.

Using oil-based spray lubricants may invite dirt to your window. So avoid using it.

Painting a window is not a good and not varnish vinyl windows either

Using detergents containing organic solvents and cleaners containing chlorine bleach may be damaging to the surface of the vinyl.

The force of power washers’ liquid may damage the joints around the window

How to clean a Screen?

Clean a screen with a soft brush

How to clean Tracks?

Before cleaning Tracks make sure it is free of the dirt, sand or other elements. You can use small, stiff nylon brush to clean the tracks and then wipe down with a soft cloth.

This is how you can keep your windows clean. You can learn about Glass Repair as well.
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