Broken and Scratched Glass Repair Tips

A broken window is a situation no homeowner or business person wants to have to deal with, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. For anyone dealing with a broken or shattered window, there’s not only the issue of handling the mess left behind that could be dangerous but there is also the matter of getting a replacement sorted.
Here are a few tips to help you with the clean-up process:

1)      Secure the area and make sure everyone is aware of the incident. Cordon off the area with chairs or other furniture to prevent further accidents.
2)      Without endangering yourself or others, assess the mess to evaluate how big your clean up area will be.
3)      Call a glass repair company, the faster the broken window is replaced, the less you have to worry about anything else coming through the window such as rain water or insects. They will also be able to help you asses if the window needs to be secured.
4)      When clearing up the glass, be sure to protect yourself. Wear close-toed shoes with thick soles and heavy gloves to prevent cuts from glass.
5)      Put any glass in old newspaper, wrapping the glass up in several layers and then place in a bin bag. Label the bin bag clearly to say it contains broken glass.

6)      Once the larger pieces of glass have been removed, carefully sweep or hoover away any smaller pieces, taking care to check for shards or particles that may be hidden behind other pieces of furniture or cushions.

Glass scratches are a common occurrence. From windows to table surfaces, scratches can take the sheen off the sophistication no matter the size of the scratch.
As a general rule, the heavier the scratch, the trickier it is to remove. If the scratch is deep enough to catch the tip of a fingernail, it is likely it is too deep to be repaired yourself.
Minor scratches can be repaired with a little effort:

·         Clean the surface area using a glass or window cleaner with a soft cloth then wipe dry with kitchen towel
·         Carefully and gently rub in a metal polish such as Brasso using small circular motions with a soft cloth.
·         If you don’t have a metal polish to hand, try using clear nail varnish. Use a thin layer on the scratch and remove any excess with nail polish remover lightly dabbed from a clean cloth.
·         Once polish is dry, polish to a shine. These steps may need to be repeated if you don’t get the desired results first go.

If the scratch is too deep, give us a call. Our Scratch removal System for glass repair is unlike any other scratch removal process globally.

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