Spray Painting vs. Rollering

Are you looking to paint the walls of your room? Well, there are basically two ways of carrying out the job – by spray painting and by using rollers for painting. If you ask a painting contractor as which one is better way of painting, he will not be able to guide much on the same. They opine that there are minimal differences in the two ways of painting if efficiency, looks and finishing touches are considered. However, it is also true that roller painting cannot be done on all kinds of surfaces, while spray painting is suitable for all surfaces.

Comparison between Spray Painting and Roller Painting:

Finishing and Coating – If you compare the finishing of spray painting and roller painting, you will find that the former one has better finishing than the latter. Painting with rollers might not give a very smooth effect at the end. On the contrary, painting with a spray paint gives uniform and smooth effect as the paint particles make a fine mist, which helps in covering all the surfaces that it comes in contact with. This is the reasons spray painting can be done on all kinds of surfaces including stairs, furniture and window frames. However, roller painting is mainly targeted at the walls of a room.

However, while spray painting on any surface, you need to have an eye for detail. Sometimes the concentration of the spray might vary from one place to another. This might lead to uneven finishing. If the passes are too close or too far, it will definitely look bad. Paints will greater sheen will show more of uneven buildups. Ensure that the paint sprayer is cleaned thoroughly so that smooth onsite spraying can be done.

Accessibility and Speed – If you are short on time regarding the painting work in your home or commercial establishment, spray painting is the best thing for the same. Using a spray painter is the best thing when compared to painting with brushes or paint rollers. When a paint sprayer is used, minutest particles from the paint get emitted from the sprayer and offer instant and quick coverage on the surface which will be painted. Smallest nook and corner of the wall or the furniture gets painted with spray painting conveniently.

With paint rollers, it is not possible to access the corners of a room or nooks of furniture. Forcing the roller in these places might lead to development of scratches on the painted surface or make ugly splotches and marks of wet paint.

Varieties in paint sprayers – If you are planning to purchase a paint sprayer, you will get it in different sizes and varieties. While some spray cans are exclusively meant for home owners, some are meant for commercial purposes and professional painters and painting contractors. Air models as well as airless sprayers are available in the market. Purchase the one that meets your requirements in the best possible manner. The air sprayers cost more and provide more uniform painting when compared with airless sprayers.

Hiring a company for spray painting job
Whether you are looking to spray paint the walls of your house or some furniture or some other item, seek assistance from a company offering professional spraypainting services. ARS UK Ltd is a renowned company in Essex region for the same offering high quality painting jobs.
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