Top 6 Renovation Tips for Rental Properties

When tenants visit the property, they check the condition of the house for sure. And it is needless to say that well-maintained properties are taken on rent more easily. In fact many tenants are ready to pay more rent for a well-maintained property. This increases the duty of the landlord significantly as he has to ensure that the property, which is to be given out on rent, is in well-maintained condition. It might happen that small repairs and renovation works need to be done so that the rental property remains in the best shape and form.

Mentioned below are 6 building refurbishment and renovation tips for rental properties:

1. Try to add more rooms: -

It has been seen that rental properties that have more rooms fetch higher price when compared to properties with lesser numbers of rooms. In case the property has large and spacious rooms, try adding partitions in the rooms and create extra rooms. If there is a garage, it can be transformed into an extra bedroom. For large rooms, you can also try the option of half baths successfully to give the impression of a suite. Try maintaining uniform design for the rooms so that they look similar.

2. Work on the curb appeal of the property: -

If you want to market your rental property in the most effective manner, try working towards enhancing the curb appeal. Anyone who comes to see the property will see the exteriors at the first place before entering the property and checking the interiors. If the exteriors are unattractive, dull and dirty, they will turn away renters at the first glance. You don’t need to do much to enhance the curb appeal of a property. Keeping the exteriors clean and proper is important. Wash the exterior walls, the roof, pathway, driveway and patio. Keep the lawn mowed and remove weeds and keep things tidy and neat.

3. Take care of the bathrooms and upgrade them: -

When people look for a property on rent, they definitely check the bathroom. Modern, clean and working bathroom is mandatory for attracting attention of renters. Infact majority of renting decisions are dependent on the bathroom and kitchen in the property. If you are low on budget, you don’t need to install expensive and fancy fixtures. But ensure that the bathroom is clean and there are no broken pipes, sinks etc. Everything should be in perfect working condition.

4. The property should be accessible to all: -

Properties intended to be given on rent should be accessible by all, particularly for people with disabilities. Old and aged people, people on wheelchairs, handicapped people – everyone should be able to access the property easily. Using universal designs and models for the properties are suggested as a result.

5. Work on the lighting in the rental properties: -

You might not know but lighting plays an important role in deciding how the property looks. With the right kind of lighting installed, a small space can be made to look large and spacious. Add lights at pivotal places in the property and see how the appearance of the property changes. Light up the more attractive areas of the property to enhance their presence.

6. Try and add more storage options in the property: -

Demands of built-in storages are high with renters. People nowadays lead modern lifestyles and look for convenient features in their home. So, if you want to give out a property on rent, make sure that you add all these modern elements in the same.
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