Tips To Repair Residential Scratched Glasses

Glass is one of the most important construction and décor materials used in UK homes. Be it windows or cupboards, a home is incomplete without glass. It is again important to understand that, be it mirrors, windows, coffee tables or other furniture, scratches are a part of the daily lifestyle but can be a vexing problem and many times limits the functionality. It is not just kids and pets, but even adults can accidentally leave behind scratches on glass surfaces. Well, this is where glass repair services come into play. Generally, a scratch that is deeper than a fingernail will require the attention of a professional repair service. However, if it is just a slight mark, the scratch can be undone applying some very easy DIY techniques.

Dealing with small scratches

If you have noticed a minor scratch on any type of glass surface, it is advisable to work on it immediately. Prolonging a repair might lead to a bigger crack easily.

Toothpaste: Many homemakers in UK rub regular toothpaste over minor scratches to smoothen the abrasion. Surprisingly, the method does work in most cases.

Ammonia solution: Dilute 15 ml of ammonia in half liter of water. Dampen a soft cloth with the resultant liquid and rub it over the scratch in a circular motion. Repeat the process for a couple of times and soon the scratch would be gone.

Dealing with larger scratches that are smaller than fingernails

There are two ways to proceed with the DIY scratch removal technique in this situation. Firstly, try getting a proprietary product that specially deals in glass scratch removals. You would find a dozen of brands in the hardware stores. These products will generally come with a manual / details instruction about scratch removal. Note that the products would be differed for etched glasses, colored glasses, plain glasses, etc. the glass repair kit will come along with a drill and a disk that allows you to easily improve upon the scratch. Take your time and don’t try to overdo.

Secondly, and a better alternative to the above would be using a jeweller’s rouge that comes with a buffing pad. Rubbing the pad in a circular motion over the scratch will help minimise the damage and deformity of surface. You may also want to additionally add ammonia and water mixture to the rogue to smoothen the process.

Removing scratches from cook tops
Many homes in UK are currently using glass cookware. Scratches in the kitchen are obvious but there are DIY solutions to deal with minor ones. Prepare a dense mixture of baking soda and water and rub it gently over the scratched surface in a circular motion for 4-5 times. Wash off the surface and soak up the moisture with a clean and dry cloth. The scratches should be gone.

You may also use metal cleaning and polishing creams available in the market for an easier job. However, it is advisable to consult with the manufacturer if the cleaner would be recommended for your appliance.

Removing scratches from spectacles
Scratches in the eyeglasses will lead to difficulty in clear vision and consequently need to be repaired immediately. However, DIY techniques are not quite advised in this case. Inexperienced hands can lead to further damages and more expenses. 

Talk to professional glass repair service provider for a clean and qualitative job.
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