On-Site Spraying

The ultimate guide to understanding On-site Spraying

What is it?


On-site spraying is classified as spray painting activities that are carried out on the premises of a client. The work is usually carried out either before or after normal working hours to avoid disruption to the client and their staff.

Health and safety is paramount and no work will be started until the process of masking and protecting any adjacent surfaces is complete. Often the masking will take longer than the actual paint spraying itself.

Why is it used?

On-site spraying is used when an establishment requires a maintenance or refurbishment upgrade or is having a fit out project that requires a professional finish.

What surfaces can be sprayed?

Almost all architectural can be sprayed. From shop fronts, office windows, and front doors, to garage doors, cladding and ceilings.

·         Shop fronts may require a facelift due to being tired and worn
·         Office windows can look tired and tarnished, especially if the building is old
·         Front doors and garage doors may look a bit battered with paint peeling off
·         Exterior cladding can become discoloured and weathered
·         Ceilings often gather dirt and if there has been a leak, damp marks can be left

So what are the benefits?

First and foremost, on-site spraying is a cost effective solution to applying paint. Instead of replacing windows and doors at a high cost, a spray will give an instant update breathing in new life to the exteriors.

Secondly, on-site spraying is highly efficient. Consider how long it will take to hand paint a door compared with spraying a door. Spraying is a rapid way of completing a project without compromising on quality or finish.  This same finish will be consistent - even giving a factory-finished look.

Thirdly, on-site spraying is very convenient. As mentioned above, most work will take place outside of normal working hours, leaving disruption to a minimum.

Fourthly, re-spraying protects surfaces therefore extending the life cycle of a building.

Architectural spraying is something ARS Ltd specialises in. Our on-site spray coating and repair services are second to none. If you have a still have a question or two regarding on-site spraying, please get in touch with us via the website.

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